About optical magazine "OPTYKA"

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The optical bimonthly "Optyka” is a magazine directed to the wide range of eyecare specialists (opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, students of optics and optometry). It is published every two months according to the editorial schedule.

Technical requirements for advertisements are as following:

- Size: 230 x 300 mm,
- Print: Offset CTP of definition 2400 dpi,
- Paper: coated cover 250 g, coated inside pages 115 g, matt
- Number of pages: 104 pages + 4 covers,
- Coloring: CMYK,
- Definition: 300 dpi,
- Files only in EPS, PDF and TIF formats (we do not accept files saved as CDR and in WORD!),
- One-page ads are supposed to have an additional bleed of five milimeters on each side.

To our target group belong optical shops, ophthalmic and optometric practices in Poland. According to the subscription questionnaires, our reader is:

- about 63,00% are owners and co-owners,
- about 1,93% are managers,
- about 15,30% are store assistants,
- about 14,30% are eyecare specialists (refraction, CL application, etc.),
- about 4,17% are workshop assistants,
- about 1,30% others.

 According to the results of the inquiry, our readers are working as:

- opticians - 72,13%,
- optometrists - 11,80%,
- ophthalmologists - 7,20%,
- students of optical schools and universities - 8,23%,
- others - 0,63%.

"Optyka" is distributed through free subscription.

We decided to make free subscription conditional on filling out the order forms because we want to make sure that our readers are really willing to subscribe and therefore read "Optyka". Thanks to this solution we know that the optician, who sends back a filled-out subscription form, is interested in the contents, wants to supplement his education, and be up-to-date with trade information.

Thanks to the short questionnaires going with the subscription form, we can find out who our reader is, what does he think of the magazine, and what subjects he is especially interested in.

*Readers' opinion on the optical bimonthly "Optyka":

- about 98% claim it as a main source of trade information and knowledge,

- about 96% think "Optyka" is helpful at work and during their studies,

- about 92% respect prestige and knowledge of our authors,

- about 95% indicate advertisements in "Optyka" are a source of information.


Optical bimonthly "Optyka" is being published in 5.300 copies, from which:

- about 4.700 copies are an ordered subscription,

- about 300 copies go to the advertisers,

- about 300 copies go to the optical chain Vision Express.


*) Information based on the answers from subscription forms.

Price list in english (pdf, 510 kB)

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